Good day, everyone! Sergey Metelskiy here!

I’m a CG generalist, VFX and motion graphics artist from Russia. I’ve been studying CG for more than 14 years now and doing it for the living for more than 8 years. People say that I’m not so bad at teaching and explaining stuff, so that’s why I created Blenderust project to dedicate myself to creation of a high quality educational content and CG related products, heavily related (but not limited) to Blender 3D software.

Here you will find tutorials, tips and tricks, articles covering my daily routine, project files and assets and, in the near future, my products: video courses, addons (plugins), templates and assets packs and more!

And, of course, I’m always open for doing my primary job: making CG for money 🙂 So, feel free to contact me anytime.

Thanks for stoping by!

Yeah, that’s me