Digital Food with Blender 2.8

Recently I’ve done a little project that I want to share with you. Whats interesting about it (and basically new for me personally) is that no texture maps, plugins and 3rd party apps were used to produce these renders. Take a look

So, every little detail in the diffuse, normal, roughness and displace components of the shaders defined fully procedurally via node graph, which gives tremendous flexibility on a look-dev stage. 

Cheburek (big fried dumpling) shader node graph

Of course, I know it’s not something new for blender, but I just feel that Blenders’ abilities in procedural shading and texturing are often get overlooked, so I thing it’s worth mentioning one extra time how awesome Blender is.

Also, render times compared to render quality are surprisingly fast. Average 50 sec per FullHD frame on four 1080ti. Whole 15 sec were done under 3h

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